Privacy Policy

TI Square Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) complies with the personal information protection regulations in the relevant laws and regulations that information and communication service providers must comply with, such as the Personal Information Protection Act, the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. We are doing our best to protect the rights and interests of users by establishing a personal information handling policy. The company's privacy policy contains the following contents.

1. Personal information of users being collected

2. Collection of personal information, purpose of use, collectibles and retention period

The company collects and uses personal information for the following purposes.

Service Purpose of collection and use Collectibles Retention and use period
ZZALTOK ZZALTOK Basic Service: Purpose of improving functions such as App installation, chatting between users, calling, file transfer, location transfer, location sharing, user confirmation, confirmation of consent to use, service provision and error correction Mobile phone number, information stored in the address book of the user's terminal (third party's phone number), user profile information, mobile phone terminal information (user terminal model, OS version information), user's service use history, E-mail 1 year after withdrawal from service(After withdrawal from the service, member information will not be used except for the purpose of resolving member complaints)

The company collects and uses personal information by dividing it into 'mandatory consent' for providing essential services and 'optional consent' to provide services tailored to each member's needs. Even if you do not agree to the optional consent, you can use the essential service.

The company may collect personal information by accessing information stored in the member's mobile communication terminal device (smartphone, etc.) and installed functions (hereinafter referred to as 'terminal information, etc.') when a member signs up for service through the App. In this case, prior notice of access to 'terminal information, etc.', and collecting and using personal information within the scope of the member's consent to collection/use of personal information.

The company may collect and use automatically generated information (information automatically generated in the process of service contract execution, such as log records) that can be collected without consent in accordance with laws and regulations within the scope of the purpose stated in the mandatory agreement. In addition, if the member agrees to the optional consent, it can be used within the scope of the relevant purpose.

The company may use personal information without the consent of the member to the extent reasonably related to the purpose of collection in accordance with laws and regulations, and at this time, ‘whether it is related to the original purpose of collection, whether it is predictable in light of the collected circumstances or processing practices, It comprehensively considers whether the user's interests are unreasonably infringed upon or whether measures necessary to secure safety such as pseudonymization or encryption have been taken.

The company may process the collected personal information under a pseudonym so that a specific individual cannot be identified, for statistical purposes, scientific research, and preservation of records in the public interest. At this time, pseudonymous information is stored and managed separately so that it is not re-identified, and necessary technical and administrative protection measures are taken.

In accordance with Article 58-2 of the Personal Information Protection Act, when time, cost, technology, etc. are reasonably considered, the company creates and uses information (statistical data, etc.) that can no longer identify an individual even if other information can be used without the consent of the member.

3. Personal information collection method and consent method

The company collects personal information in the following ways.

- Mobile App

The company has a procedure for consenting to the member's 'collection and use of personal information', and the member can check 'agree' or 'do not agree' or click the button. If you check 'I agree' or click the button, you agree to the collection and use of personal information.

Members have the right to refuse consent to the collection and use of personal information, and there is no separate penalty for refusing consent. However, if you refuse to agree to the mandatory terms and conditions, you will not be able to use the service or you will be limited in providing the service according to the purpose of using the service.

4. Consignment of handling of personal information

The company may entrust the operation of personal information processing to an external professional company for smooth business performance such as better service provision and member convenience. Matters related to technical and managerial protection measures for personal information, the purpose and scope of entrusted work, matters regarding re-entrustment restrictions, matters regarding safety measures such as restrictions on access to personal information, matters related to entrusted work We will stipulate matters related to supervision such as inspection of the management status of personal information, responsibility in case of personal information accident, and obligation to return or destroy personal information after processing is completed, and we will manage to comply with them.

5. Period of retention and use of personal information

In principle, the company will retain and use the member's personal information from the member's service date to the period of providing the service to the member unless otherwise agreed or there is a legal basis. When a member requests withdrawal from membership or withdraws consent to collection and use of personal information, when the purpose of collection/use is achieved or the retention/use period ends, in the event of a cause for destruction such as business abolition, the personal information is deleted without delay destroy it. However, if there is a need to retain it for other necessary cases such as settlement of usage fees, lawsuits or disputes, personal information is retained for a certain period of time until the purpose is achieved.

6. Personal information destruction procedure and method

The company destroys the personal information without delay when the personal information becomes unnecessary, such as the expiration of the personal information retention period or achievement of the purpose of collection and use of personal information.

The company's personal information destruction procedure, method, and timing are as follows.

A. Destruction procedure and timing

After the purpose of use is achieved due to service termination, etc., the personal information entered by the member for service subscription, etc. is stored for the permitted period according to the service policy and other information protection reasons according to relevant laws and regulations (refer to the period of storage and use). Delete or destroy.

Even if the member deletes the application from the mobile communication terminal device (smartphone, etc.), if the member does not request the withdrawal (withdrawal) of consent to personal information, the personal information may still remain in the service. should do.

B. Destruction method

Personal information written in a written form such as an application for membership or printed on paper is destroyed by crushing or incineration with a shredder or dissolving it by chemical treatment.

C. Separate storage or destruction of personal information of non-service users for a specific period

The company separates or destroys the personal information of members who do not use the service according to the following standards, unless otherwise specified by other laws or at the request of the user.

• If there is no service access log for 1 year

The company notifies the separate storage or destruction of personal information to the contact information collected from the service up to 30 days before the date of separate storage or destruction. However, if the service does not collect contact information, the disclosure of the contents of this Privacy Policy may replace the notification.

7. Member's rights, duties and methods of exercise

A. Rights related to the protection of personal information of members

Members can view or receive the status of personal information held by the company about themselves at any time, the status of the company using or providing personal information to third parties, and the status of consent such as collection, use, and provision of personal information. There is. When a member requests to view, provide, or correct personal information, the company faithfully responds to the member's request, and it is necessary to correct or delete the personal information if it is found that there is an error or the retention period has elapsed. If it is recognized that there is, it will be corrected or deleted without delay.

Members may request the withdrawal of consent (signup/cancellation) for the collection, use or provision of personal information, and the company will take necessary measures without delay. Members can withdraw their consent to collection, use, and provision of personal information at any time. However, if you withdraw your consent to personal information necessary for membership registration and provision of essential services, membership withdrawal and service cancellation are inevitable, and you may not be able to receive the services provided to you.

B. How to exercise the rights of members

Members can exercise the above rights in one of the following ways. Depending on the nature of personal information or the need to protect member information, some methods may be limited, and the company must provide identification documents (resident registration card, passport, Driver's license (new model)) and proof of rights documents (power of attorney, certificate of seal of the principal and agent, etc.)

• Inquiry by clicking the 'My Profile' menu in the service or by sending a written, phone call or e-mail to a known contact.

If there is a justifiable reason to reject a request for viewing, proof or correction of all or part of personal information, the company will notify the member and explain the reason.

C. Member’s obligation to protect personal information

Members must make efforts to prevent unexpected accidents by entering their personal information accurately and up-to-date.

Members are responsible for accidents caused by inaccurate information entered by members, and if they steal other people's information or enter false information, sanctions may follow for violation of the Terms of Service, including loss of membership.

Members must take basic precautions so that their personal information, including access information (ID, password, etc.), is not leaked.

Members must be careful not to infringe or damage the personal information and rights of others, including postings. If a member violates related laws and infringes or damages the personal information and rights of others, legal responsibility may follow.

8. Children's Personal Information Protection and Legal Representative's Rights

When the company collects/uses/provides personal information of children under the age of 14 (hereinafter referred to as “children”), it is required to obtain the consent of the child’s legal representative.

The company may request the minimum necessary information such as the name and contact information of the legal representative in order to obtain the consent of the legal representative when the child applies for the use of the service. In this case, the purpose of collection, use or provision of personal information and the need for consent from a legal representative are notified to the child in plain language that the child can easily understand.

The company does not use or provide the personal information of the legal representative collected to obtain the consent of the legal representative for any purpose other than checking the consent of the legal representative or to a third party.

A child's legal representative may withdraw consent to the collection, use, and provision of personal information held by the company regarding children, and the current status of the company's use or provision of personal information to third parties, collection, use and provision of personal information You can view or receive the status of consent, etc., and if there is an error, you can request correction.

9. Technical and administrative measures to protect personal information

A. Technical measures

The company is taking the following technical measures to ensure safety so that personal information is not lost, stolen, leaked, altered or damaged in processing members' personal information.

B. Administrative Measures

10. Advertising information transmission

The company does not transmit advertising information for commercial purposes without the prior consent of the member.

When the company transmits advertisement information for profit-making purposes to conduct member-oriented marketing such as event information guide, the company obtains the member's prior consent to the transmission of advertisement information, take action.

When a member agrees to receive advertising information, refuses to receive, or withdraws his/her consent, the company will notify the member within 14 days from the date of occurrence of the fact.

11. Opinion gathering and complaint handling

If a member has any questions, he or she can contact the customer center as follows to inquire.

12. Person and department in charge of personal information protection

Responsible for : Jin-young, Yoon

Department in charge : Personal Information Protection Department

Phone : (031)8092-3600

Email :

Additional Rules

All ZZALTOK services are in accordance with the ZZALTOK Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy is effective from May 1, 2021.

This Privacy Policy is effective from April 6, 2022.