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zzaltok Messages sent by me
are visible only to you
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01Content security settings

You can prevent others
from downloading and sharing TEXT, photo,
and video files that you sent.

Short Video / Short Voice icon Short Video / Short Voice icon screen

02 Short Video /
Short Voice

You can send videos to your friends
with a single touch
now communicate quickly with short
videos / short voice
of 15 seconds.

messege delete icon messege delete screen

03 Timer Message

By setting timer, messages you send
are automatically deleted from the
chat room.

rush icon rush icon

04 Urging Message

You can send a urging message to
who has not checked the

rush screen rush screen

05 Real-time sharing

Notepad, location, photos, and
can be shared with your
friends in real time.

share icon share screen

06 Multi profile

You can show your profile differently.
now, show your special profile only to
close friends.

multi profile icon multi profile screen

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